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View Thread: Why is C# Case Specific?
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    irascian wrote:

    When you only have a few data types it makes sense, although even with a few the hungarian notation used seemed to vary quite widely somewhat defeating the point of the exercise. WIth .Net there are so many different types Hungarian Notation just makes no sense. Three letter acronyms soon run out, start conflicting and before you know it you've got horrendously long hungarian notation prefixes just to separate out one type from another.

    Yes, I agree - actually I only use it for 'primitive' types, i.e. the ones for which there's a C# keyword. I don't use it for all the different types in the FCL, at least not with a 3 letter mnemonic - although I usually try to make it fairly clear somehow in the name.

    irascian wrote:

    I know there is a lot of "don't use the _ character for fields" sentiment around, but it's convenient to differentiate between fields from parameters and also means fields get listed all together in the drop-down list boxes when you're in Visual Studio.

    I haven't been keeping up with this, but the last I knew was that the recommendations were to use the _ for field names. I just saw the other day that it (possibly) isn't recommended anymore. When did all this change? Is it still in the official recommendations?