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View Thread: Foreign Outsource is it a sad day in America?
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    Manip wrote:
    y2k4life wrote: Earthlink is an American company?

    Nope. They are an international company.

    Thank you that clears it up. But still no support in America.

    Manip wrote:

    y2k4life wrote: We just need something that spells out how your company works. Like made in china. Supported by X. Therefore we will know the quality base on communication skills and knowledge of home culter.

    Why would a foreign company produce a lower quality product? And or why would their communication be worse? Communication is about what you have to say, not how you say it. Thus good or bad communication has little to do with accents or languages.

    Well the communication break down was there and after 72+ hours of off the phone on the phone it got frustrating. Not just one person but a majority. To minigate stress and lessen the tention one talks about things that are going on in america weather, Hey how about that Play off games, etc... Go Phoenix does not go over to well.

    Manip wrote:
    y2k4life wrote: I will support american eployees and help pay for the check at the end of the week.

    What's funny is you have no idea what percentage of the things you buy aren't produced in America by Americans. I bet the computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard your using right now weren't.

    Well depend which one you talk about you assume I only have one with out asking. 2 are made by international companies. There other 3 are home built with components by international companies and again buyer beware.
    Manip wrote:
    y2k4life wrote: How much percentage of an American company be outsourced and still be considered and Amercian company?

    No percent... There is no such thing as an American company in an international world.