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Channel 9 is great ... but needs a search engine already !

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    All those in favour say 'I' !!!

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    (BUT.. I'm willing to wait.  This site has great potential and proper "implementation" takes time.)

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    Hah... I!

    In the interim, have you tried to use Google or MSN search?

    In Google or MSN, try something like this for your search: " c#".

    Hmm... I should email someone about MSN search... Google returns waaaaaay more results. Smiley

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    I would keep away from MSN Search.. very poor.. Google is good, use that. Wink

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    aye aye needs a lot more than just a search engine to be great. Channel 9 is a terrific idea, but there's so much that could be better.

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    Be patient with the guys. This is the first version and it has been out for only two weeks, or less.

    And as we always knows about Microsoft is that their version 3 is the best. Wink

    So, keep up the good work.

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    I, I think.

    If not a search feature, they could atleast use some kind of neat categorization to look at all the articles and/or posts.

    But then, hey! Its just been a week or so, and am guessing that this site is going to be quite different in say, a month from now.

    So far its been quite good, so lets see how this turns out. Hell, I find spending as much time here as I do on Slashdot! Smiley

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    Yup, we hear you guys. Good feedback. Honestly we discussed this when we were building the site and thought ... "nah ... it will be a while before a lot of people come here" and decided to punt until post launch. Looks like we were wrong. It is on the list for an update to the site. Thanks again for all the good feedback, we are listening.

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    gg... the future i'm sure a search for answers will be nice...when the thread count just grows and grows.

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