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    Microsoft has put some SERIOUSLY high res pictures of parts of the UK up on, including many bird's eye views in London.

    Pretty neat seeing places in Edinburgh with great aerial photography.

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    YAY! But the down side is now we have to look at the UK ... And let me tell you even at street level it isn't all that lovely... Smiley

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    Michael Griffiths

    Finally... I've been waiting for this.

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    Cool, I can see my office. Smiley

    Fairly old photos though, the eternal building site that is UEA has changed considerably since they were taken.

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    Nice, I can now see my home down in Cornwall! I was about to say it's better than Google's, but it looks like google has also updated their imagery.

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    Holy guacamole! The ones of my house are quite  recent too - within the last year I woudl say as they have my neighbours new garage.

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    They still haven't discovered my suburb yet, down in Australia.

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    That is good, but where I live the road map is much more up-to-date than the images, for instance, someone on my street sold his house, and contractors built about 7 houses on the land, on the map the new road name is displayed, but only one house is; the construction hasn't can't even be seen on the image yet. Overall, very good though.

    Angus Higgins

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    Sven Groot

    I want birds-eye view of the Netherlands. Sad Or just any kind of decent-res photography of the Netherlands, Live Local has none while Google Maps at least has some areas.

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    Rowan wrote:
    They still haven't discovered my suburb yet, down in Australia.

    They also seem to have missed out on that big lump of land called Ireland. Google at least has some areas covered with high res images, Live has none by the looks of it Sad

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    They also forgot Spain...

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