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TweakUI like functionality in Vista?

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    melsam [MS]

    Does anyone know how I can get TweakUI style functionality in Vista? Specifically I'd like to change the location of folders like My Documents, My Music, My Photos etc.

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    Yeah, I would really like that too.  Anyone?

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    think of the children!

    what if terrorists moved those folders somewhere!

    everything is locked.  maybe in the next version

    Tongue Out

    (* just use The Vista Control Center)

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    1. They dropped the My....

    2. Pictures, Music are no longer sub-folders inside of My Documents,

    3. Being special system folders, it is important that Vista know where they are. Just go to your profile folder: c:\Users\MyUserName

    Then right click on Documents (or whatever folder you want to move) and go to the Properties. On the Location tab, just hit the Move button and select where you want it moved to. When you hit Ok you will get some prompts and things will be moved for you. And Vista will make sure everything gets redirected there.

    This is the only "Supported" way to move these folders without using Group Policy.


    BTW at least for My Documents, this works XP too.



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    Haven't got Vista here but its likely they will be stored in the same registry location as in XP...

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders


    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

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    jamie  (done QUICK)

    click system link = tweakui

    *from One size fits all thread

    roughness aside - and if done properly by ms (not TGsoft/winblinds) would that not have been the must have vista upgrade feature everyone seems to be looking for?

    i think it would - and before you flame the idea - it does adress old / new users - fast / slow machines and FUD surrounding "open" standards (ie- there would finally be an ms sanctioned tool to control any piece of functionality/interaction they add to windows)

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    I had the same problem, google it and found this. Cutting and pasting the document folder to somehwere lese works. but there is another way!. Start> Right click on Documents> Properties> Location Tab and  il leave you to figure out the rest.  the same goes for pictures and music aswel incase your like me with pictures and music.Smiley

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