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View Thread: Windows Media Photo to replace JPEG?
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    W3bbo wrote:
    Where does it say that?

    From the spec...

    ·       High performance, embedded system friendly compression

                Small memory footprint

                Simple, integer-only operations (no divides)

    ·       Industry-leading compression quality

    ·       Lossless or lossy compression using the same algorithm

    ·       Support a very wide range of pixel formats:

                Monochrome, RGB, CMYK or n-Channel image representation

                8 or 16-bit unsigned integer

                16 or 32-bit signed integer

                16 or 32-bit floating point

                Several packed bit formats

                1bpc monochrome

                5 or 10bpc RGB

                RGBE Radiance

    ·       Simple, extensible TIFF-like container structure

    ·       Planar or interleaved alpha channel

    ·       Embedded ICC Profile

    ·       EXIF and XMP metadata