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    Hi Everyone,

    We're in the process of planning out our next major update to Channel 9.  We're starting this with this post thread here in the Coffeehouse.

    As many of you have noticed we've been doing a fair amount of work building out the recently launched 10 site. We have another update planned for 10 that should launch in the next couple of weeks.  When that update is complete we plan to move back onto Channel 9.

    Long time Niners know that Channel 9 is built on a mutation of the ASP.NET Forums (the predecessor to community server) and it has become difficult to update.  With the launch of 10 we set off to build a new codebase that we could grow into for all of the sites that our team is asked to create.  With 10, bit by bit we're getting the base infrastructure required for Channel 9.  In fact if you look closely at the site, you'll notice the recent additions of a media library and soon there will be forums.

    Our dream is to have one code base across our sites, but preserve the tone, style and integrity that is 9. 

    Our curent thinking is to do two updates to Channel 9.  The first would include a homepage redesign to simplify and also to improve visibility to the large amount of content being created on Channel 9.  In this release we'll also perform a number of bug fixes and minor feature updates.  These will be completed in the short term and our hope is have it released somewhere around the end of June.

    Once this is complete we'll move onto a bigger project that will get 9 running on the same "core base" as 10. We promise never to take away from the soul of Channel 9.  We are deeply aware that the sites have different audiences Smiley, but we do need to get on one codebase for the sites.  Some things will only be present in C9 and others will get shared across the site.  For example we want to update Sandbox and revamp the Wiki this year, most likely those features won't get pushed over to 10.

    We'll use this thread to keep you up to date, share screenshots of the hompage redesign and include further updates on the C9 V3 project.

    Let us know what you think.  Niners made C9 what it is, we need your help to make it better.

    The Channel 9 Team...