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    jamie wrote:
    sorry - one last thing: international fields and times
    Profile - name / city / country  = jamie toronto canada

    so on everything i post or create it would say:

    "Posted to C9 at 7pm  ( Your time 10pm)"  ...or something that shows the same thing

    other posts would show:

    "Posted to C9 at 7pm ( by _user_ at _timezone of country_)"

    edit - it would be so great to see:
    a) where everyone is from
    b) if im talking to someone at 4pm here and its 2am there

    We have 90% of this already in 10, which will of course come through to C9.  We'll discuss showing a translated time for the person who posted the comment.  It will take no time at all to code since the capability is already there, but we want to make sure we don't get too much information in your face.  We'll discuss it.