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View Thread: Channel 9 Update Planning
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    jamie wrote:
    so that's...

    - inline polling
    - upload image
    - Private Messages 
    - themes
    - international times

    what are the chances of any of the above happening?

    • Polls - We'll have this, but I'm not 100% sure what you mean by inline...explain...
    • Upload Image - I can't give an answer at this point, but we'll discuss it.
    • Private Messages - This is one I've been pushing on and off since we started doing 10 (and therefore would get into C9), but we just haven't had time yet and I can't promise anything for the second timeframe Jeff is talking about.
    • Themes - This would be super interesting to let people make C9 look like how they want it.  I'm not sure about sharing those themes though.  We'd have to discuss all the possible implications and again, time will probably be a factor.  Good idea for down the road.
    • International Times - Definitely doable.  Right now you'll see everything local to your selected time zone.  We'll see if it makes sense to show a translated time for the person who did the posting.  Easy as pie to code.