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    Tim Aidlin

    Hi, All.  This is Tim Aidlin, the Designer (with some great "art direction from Adam) working with the team on the redesign of Channel 9.  So far we've made some great progress, keeping in mind all of your excellent feedback.

    I have to say, it really makes easy the task of creating a great user-centric site, that's super useful to you.

    I've been hard at work collaborating with the team on UI, UX, new features, and the general aesthetic of the site ...

    And don't worry, we're keeping the same "Channel 9 Feel" you know and love ... just pushing the site to the next level.

    Again, thanks for all your comments and feedback.  Check back soon for some design comps.  We should be able to get those out soon.

    ::: systim out :::