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    Escamillo wrote:
    mswanson wrote: 

    You've probably heard a lot about the new features in Windows Vista. But have you seen any of the cool stuff that our customers and partners are doing on top of Windows Vista? We worked with Tom Skerritt (MASH, Alien, Top Gun, Contact, etc.) and 20 of our early adopters to build a site that shows the kinds of applications that can be built with our new technology. Think of them as short teasers for an upcoming generation of software:

    Cool site.
    Did you get a chance to ask Tom Skerritt what's the hold-up in getting Picket Fences out on DVD?

    Too funny, Escamillo! Smiley I did ask him which of his projects he is most proud of. His answer was A River Runs Through It, which also happens to be one of my favorites.