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    Maurits is closest to what I was trying to describe. However, on the bus route they are many bustops - so they would 10 or more similar lines on the spreadsheet. Each bustops has an upper and lower limit of passengers who might be wanting to board the bus. So the simulation will generate different combinations of random numbers of boarding passengers at each bustop.  All these different combinations will affect  passenger loading times and hence the total travel time over the entire journey.

    I tried to paste a copy ( screen print ) of the spreadsheet into this message but I can't do it. Any ideas how ?

    Any other way to send you this information ? You then be able to see why I need some code to run the simulation many times so that a frequency distribution of total bus journey travel time can be plotted.
    ( Normal frequency distributions are the ones that are normally taught in schools - but it is likely that this bus simulations freq. dist. won't be normal - but that's what I want my student to find out)



    How did you make the table, Maurits ?
    Is it possible to send file attachments ?
    Can we paste images into the messages ?