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    Maurits wrote:
    Keli wrote:How did you make the table, Maurits ?

    Since you ask...
    I initially made it in Excel.  I typed in the formulas with a leading ' which made Excel display them literally.  I used Excel's "border" tool to make the border.

    Then I opened up a new message in Outlook 2000.  I set the mail format to HTML, and copy/pasted from Excel to the mail message.

    Then I right-clicked the message and "View Source"d.

    Then I copied the HTML from <table> to </table>.

    Then I went to Channel 9, replied to your post, and switched to the "HTML" tab in the FreeTextBox editor.

    Finally I pasted the HTML I had copied.


    To post images... first I got a free Geocities account (
    I save the image in gif or jpg format and upload it to my account
    Then I open the image at the geocities URL in another browser window
    Finally I drag and drop the image into the FreeTextBox editor.

    To transfer files, you could .zip the file up and post it on your Geocities account.  Then you could post a link in your comment.

    Finally... to add more stops, you could add more columns.  The formulae get a little more complicated, but ten stops shouldn't be impossibly difficult.

    Somehow I doubt you did those steps Maurits, seems largely unncessary ("sending an email to yourself" says it all) and you know HTML already.

    Here's the (as far as I'm concerned) easier/simpler way of doing it:

    Flip to "HTML" view and type this:

    <table border="1">

    That marks the beginning of a table.

    For each row, you type <tr>, followed by <td> for each column in the table. The column's data is contained like so: <td>HERE</td>

    Once you've finished a row, type </tr> and move on to the next <tr>

    Once you've finished writing the table, type </table>

    An example is this:

    <table border="1">
    <tr><td>Top Left</td><td>Top Right</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Bot Left</td><td>Bot Right</td></tr>


    Top Left Top Right
    Bot Left Bot Right

    As for the images, in HTML view you type:

    <img src="%FULL URL TO IMAGE GOES HERE%" />

    Quite simple, really Smiley

    <img src="" />

    but enough orthoganal posting... sorry I couldn't answer the actual problem at hand, I just felt like nit-picking Maurits' posting Smiley