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    Hi all,

    I modified PaintedBlue's file - BUS_TEST_SIMULATOR.xls and included a frequency distribution ( Histogram ).

    Modified - Paintedblue solution

    I left my student to figure out how to modify his solution to achieve a similar output. However you will notice the major differences

    Student's file - so far

    I have left him to try and look at paintedblue solution and see if he can incorporate some extra things. The major difference in between the two solutions is that paintedblue's Bus_test_simulator  has one bus stop in the model but my student has several bus stops on route each with different min and max passengers who might want to board the bus.

    ok - thanks again. You have been very helpful - any additional comments from the pros will be taken seriously.  Please don't hesistate to post your thoughts on the  code and the solution.