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Quick question about Vista install

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    I'm getting ready to reformat my computer and re-install XP. I'm in the Vista beta program via Connect, and I wanted to try that out too. The problem is, I don't have a DVD burner, so it's tough to boot from a disk. Can I partition my drive into two partitions during the Windows XP install process, load XP onto the primary partition, mount the Vista DVD image, and install it to the second partition while in Windows? And if I do so, do I get a traditional dual-boot screen? I was hoping to find out before I actually do all the partitioning.


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    I installed the beta by mounting it in Winxp using the freeware version of MagicIso.

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    Done what you said (from xp install vista on another partition) for all the CTPs (and this Beta 2).

    When you install from XP, Vista will start from XP first, copy files to the temp place and then restart - installing from this temp location.

    The boot screen you get will be from Vista (since you are installing Vista on top of XP). There's a legacy systems screen and MS Windows. Legacy points to your XP boot screen (if you only had one legacy OS, I think it will just boot into it when you select legacy OS). I had couple of OS in the legacy section (XP, and the last CTP build for Vista).


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