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OS Joke; Czeck Elections end in deadlock

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    The first thing I thought when I read "deadlock" was "which Czech should we kill to end the deadlock so the rest can run to completion?"

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    But that raises the question, what is worse, killing it completely or leaving an object in an unknown state?

    If you kill one, then the object it was holding is STILL in an unknown state, so why not just force it to release the object so the other one can run, instead of killing it completely?

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    That also raises the question of whether either will produce viable results. being that the object could have been altered in some manner to effect the outcome of the other.

    Either way the results can't be trusted.

    kill em both and start over!

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    You make an excellent point...

    An example scenario is a production line in which there is a object to create labels and another one to select the the product size... If process A is printing out labels size 8, while waiting for the product size object... And process B is not doing anything because its waiting for the label maker... If the OS decides to release A's object, then B will run but try and put the wrong size product into the already produced labels.

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    Just a correction, we're Czech not Czeck Wink

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