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Longhorn is said to drop Avalon - New UI

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    • Avalon features a new compositing engine and a new, vastly simplified API that makes coding Windows forms much like writing a web page. The two year project has been the victim of high staff turnover already say sources, but had previously been thought to be sacrosanct. In two years' time much higher pixel densities will make Windows XP's hardwired fonts hard to read, and a modern GUI was considered a necessity. (In anticipation of higher density LCDs, Nokia recently introduced a "double" sized version of its Series 60 user interface). Avalon had won praise for its elegant API and speed at PDC earlier this year. How much of the work, if any, will ship in Longhorn will be decided in the next few days.

    Does this mean that longhorn will be Windows XP SEC. Because Windows xp really sucks. Its nothing like i would find useful. Windows Longhorn opened alot of new doors from my point of view. The UI for longhorn was great. But the windows xp green and blue makes me sick.

    • What is Avalon?

      Avalon is the next-generation platform for Windows client applications. It combines the best features of the Web such as ease of deployment and rich mix of application and content with the power of the Win32 development platform to enable developers to build a new breed of applications that are robust and take real advantage of the connectivity, storage, and graphical capabilities of the modern PC. Avalon is not just about User Interface and Rich Graphics, although that is an important part, the overarching goal of Avalon is that it offer a common managed code exposure to all the capabilities of the Personal Computer including storage, communications, documents, multimedia etc.
    For many of us Windows users like my self will pickup a new os. Like Linux and Mac to leave Windows in the pasts. Because Windows xp is too old school. Sorry but i think Microsoft Corporation is just going to the ground now. Please Lenn, Kam Vedbrat ji, Or Chris be our voice to bring Avalon back.

    Thank you

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    Sounds like yet another misinformed news story.

    7. I read in <insert news site /> that Avalon is cut, is that true?
    No. We are absolutely committed to delivering Avalon, and from everything I’ve been told, heard, and am planning - we will ship it!

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    Nooo. No, no, no!

    The just-announced plan is to port Avalon back to WinXP and Win2003, along with Indigo (I seem to remember Indigo always being slated for this).

    So, XAML apps on WinXP. Some level of application compatibility between Longhorn and WinXP, for WinFX applications. Certainly more than originally planned.

    WinFS (File System) got pushed back.

    What wasn't mentioned as far as I could see is the fate of Aero, the new user interface, so I assume that it's still alive and kicking, in all its (allegedly) 3D accelerated, sub-pixel precision, everything-but-the-heat-haze glory.

    Avalon != Aero

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    I see now. wow thanks for cleaning that up for me. wow. I was soo upset. Now tk is happy! lol. thx guys

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