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The question is: what makes a language a language? That is what makes me wonder... I mean I had a lot about calculus and logic and this stuff here. But this is just math. Not a language... A language and Math are two different things. They have quite nothing in common.

One thing that makes them very different is: Math is exact, Languages are per se vague.

From Wikipedia: "In mathematics, logic, and computer science, a formal language is a set of finite-length words (i.e. character strings) drawn from some finite alphabet"

EDIT: That is to say, a programming language is a formal language, it is not a natural language. The two are very different. Formal languages are exact, natural languages are not.

OK. That sounds better. I forgot the definition of a formal language. I'm getting old. A formal language, well, we are then working with programming formal languages Smiley

That sounds better.