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Palm/Pocket PC/SmartPhone with GPS

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    I am need of some advice on which one to buy
    Here's are the things what i am looking for
    1. Phone
    3.Outlook Integration
    4. Microsoft Streets & Trips Integration (optional)

    I have been googling lots of site for either Smartphone or a Pocket PC. But i am unable to decide which way to go.

    Mainly, I am interested in GPS/Phone and Outlook Integration (all in one).

    If I buy a Palm PDA then i cannot use my existing MS S&T 2006 but if I buy just the Pocket PC such as Dell Axim or HP then i will have 2 devices to carry(Phone and Pocket pc).
    I looked at Palm Treo 700w - I am not sure if its good or bad anyone using it?


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    Unfortunately any phone will be a heavily locked down platform as to confirm to the phone network security standards. Which means, that for an integrated phone you might be forced to use supplied-with GPS software as opposed to something you can replace as the market changes.

    I would buy a Dell PDA, and a phone with bluetooth... That way you can keep the phone in your pocket while using the PDA, even to surf the 'net... You would only have to take it out to dial the number, assuming it doesn't have voice recognition for the headset.

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    I have a Palm Treo 700w and I like it.  It has built in Bluetooth but I believe that if you want to do Wi-fi you need to get a card that plugs into the top.  I am using mine with a broadband connection to the internet so I didn't really have need for Wi-fi.

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    You can use some GPS/Mapping software (like TomTom) with a bluetooth GPS. A Treo with TomTom and either an SD or Bluetooth GPS is probably the best solution.

    It's too bad the phone companies disable access to the built-in location capabilities of their phones. Being able to use the built-in service rather than coupling an add-on product would be a nice bonus. Sprint/Nextel likes to sell their Location Services though. Cha-ching.

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    I would recommend the QTEK 9100/I-Mate K-Jam/HTC Magican.

    and Tom Tom Mobile for your GPS needs ...

    I run these both to do exactly the same thing as you. Don't bother going any further!

    My advice is get a nice car kit and upgrade your Exchange 2003 server to SP2 and enjoy the push email, it's fantastic!

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    Currently, I have Sprint and Sprint/Nextel have a Application Developer Program where you can sign up and down the Location API for iDEN Network which is used by Nextel. But you need to use J2ME to create your own app. or BlackBerry comes with SDK which can used for GPS.

    My problem is I already own MS Streets and Trips with Pharos GPS with USB cable(which i am using with my laptop in my car) I thought instead i  use that with SmartPhone or Palm or Pocket PC.

    Any recommendations on  this?

    If anyone interested here's the link Sprint

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    Can I use Dell Axim with MS Streets & Trips 2005 with Pharos GPS Receiver?

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    i use a sprint ppc 6700. Outlook integration, pocket streets and trips with the gps locator with a bluetooth adapter. Works great. Basically my next step is to create a little compact framework app to read the lat/longs and post them to a website to map out or have a "where am i " feature. Oh - and it has wifi too Smiley

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