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View Thread: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance
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    Manip2 wrote:
    jamie wrote: while in many respects i agree - i do not think it fair to describe the linux effort as a joke

    Re-read, I didn't discribe the Linux effort as a joke. I discribed the development platform as a joke. And I was directing that at the X11 development platform, not in general.

    i was mistaken then.

    ah yes x11

    isnt that the Linux interface renderer? the thing that makes linux look so bad graphically?

    The thing even linus himself has made fun of, that the team building the new version cant agree on and that the community at large thinks is ready  for scrap heap?  that x-(windows)?

    When Linux gets it's "X" together - Windows should worry - until then - everything ive read says not ready for prime-time