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View Thread: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance
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    What a fricking idiot,

    if Steven J. Vaughn - Nichols knew anything about what he was talking about i think he would be dangerous.

    first, Microsoft is cutting out one feature, WinFS. More, "Now is the time for the Linux desktop" rhetoric from a half-baked, non-researching journalist.

    If he would bother to research the state of the industry, Sun is shipping Solaris 10 with ZFS, their new filesystem but using their traditional UFS as the default and they have told customers, ZFS is an experimental Filesystem and they dont recommend ZFS for production use.

    Because its fricking unstable and there is that possibility you will lose your data. why is the master of MS FUD here not bitching about that?

    What would he like for Microsoft to do? Ship WinFS, so that if the thing screws up then he can write "Microsofts Longhorn is a failure, now is the time for the Linux desktop?"

    </spaced version of above> Wink

    ya i cant stand that guy. Eagle always talks about the biased english tabloids - i just find them humorous - but that Vaughn dude? ya - axe to grind