In anycase, I don't think people take eweek, slashdot and seriously these days. It is almost humorous when someone mentions these resources to prove his/her point. They consistently distort and in some cases even lie about facts. Slashdot is doing this unprofessionally, and eweek is doing it more professionally.

Eweek i agree is biased
but - it wins all the awards each year - best news site etc
they bought all the zifdavis stuff just to control it - is a joke these days - the odd commentary the only reason to go to this retread

as for slashdot - it is owned by a company that counts ms among its shareholders ( i believe)

i think slashdot is the same as c9 - a bunch of people with opinions - some correct some not

so its hard to say

but i definately wouldnt count with eweek and slashdot though - DOES come through with scoops more often than not ( perhaps by iliminating their own tech competition - waddever Wink