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View Thread: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance
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    jamie wrote:

    ah yes x11
    isnt that the Linux interface renderer? the thing that makes linux look so bad graphically?

    No. You can't say "Linux look so bad graphically".
    You should learn more about Unix/Linux/X11/etc. before you say
    anything about X11 and Linux.

    My Linux desktop look excellent ... and with HW renderer *njam*.

    Btw. which Linux distributions have you used?

    jamie wrote:

    i wont load that beast until they get all the updating stuff worked out

    Works here perfectly, and yes ... automatically.

    Ok, not yet another childish Windows vs Linux thread Smiley
    But I think it's just very sad to notice that people has no a glue
    what is happening in Linux and Open Source world, but are still
    talking about them.