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View Thread: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance
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    Jamie, thanks for the spaced version. Smiley

    If you assume he and or eWeek are unbiased journalists then I can see how you could be upset but in reality journalists CAN be biased if they want and that is their job.

    In this case he is discussion how the Longhorn thing could be good for the Linux Desktop’s market share.

    I don't agree, I mean Linux doesn't exactly have WinFS capabilities yet. I think people, especially the media way over-estimate how fare along the Linux desktop is. I consider it around the Windows 95/OS2 age in comparison. To think that it is anywhere near 2k/XP is just insanity.

    The Linux Desktop is just a mish-mash of various hacks, some dating back a few years. Firstly I consider the construction a security risk and more so I think it is inefficient and user-unfriendly.

    It is barley a model in any respect and the development platform is a joke.