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View Thread: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance
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    Tom Malone

    Of course eweek is bias, just like channel9 has a ms bias, as long as you take what is said with a pinch of salt its fine. Most news papers are bias, so what.

    Micorsoft has a problem when it comes to linux, its nothing to do with code bases or number of programmers, its time to market. Linux is not perfect it has large holes in application areas like multimedia, then people write programmers and i get it almost instatntly then they develop and get more and more stable and get more features.

    With microsoft they write a release and hope it includes enough features to hold off an competitors until their next release.

    So it does look likely that if ms does not get it right with longhorm people will switch.

    Also if you don't like openoffice on linux run ms office on linux your choice.