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Developing with Intel?

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    I was just flying across the internet, I don't surf Smiley When I came across Intel C++ Compiler. I thought to my self 'what the ****' Then had a look at it, and it sounds pretty good, only difference I can find between C++ compiler and the Intel one that the Intel one uses the Pentium processors you supposedly have, and use them to the programs best advantage.

    I just wanted to know if anyone had made any programs with this code, and if the program you supposedly made actually uses Intel Pentium to the max.
    Also is there a C++ compiler for AMD? (I ask this because I have an Athlon XP processor in my laptop).

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    If you want to take advantage of Hyper-Threading technology you need to understand the Intel Developer platform.

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    The problem with Intel C++ compiler is that it is only 30 days trial Sad

    But i know it is faster than vc++

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