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    Loadsgood wrote:
    * I am not the Admin but am hoping that the admin will stick this up permenatly, or make a similar thread. Rules must be in force or the downfall of c9 because of madness will be imminate *

    /Not Admin - Goes into ignore mode/ 

    Loadsgood wrote:

             - No Flames. (No exceptions to this rule)

    Define a Flame. 

    Loadsgood wrote:

             - No Racism. (No exceptions to this rule)

    Define Racism. Freedom of speech? 

    Loadsgood wrote:

             - No Rude words. (There are kids watching)

    Define a 'rude word'. Does Russian count? 

    Loadsgood wrote:

    Either accept these rules or leave c9.

    See Ignore above. + This sounds like a threat.