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OT: Scoble in the movies...?!?

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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed the striking resemblence between The Scobleizer and 'Brandt' from the Cohen Brothers film 'The Big Lebowski'?

    Scoble - care to explain yourself?

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    Uh, wow - stunning resemblence. Could this be the subconscious source of the Witness Protection Program description for new members?

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    Whow. TBL is my favorite movie. And Scoble is one of my favorite bloggers. Where can I sign up for the Scoble fanclub?! Now I need to get an autograph!

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    I've noticed the resemblance of Scoble to Philip Seymour Hoffman before (actually, the clincher was Jamie's as-usual excellent "Owning Mahoney" photoshop piccie).

    What about the other Channel Niners?

    Kevin Smith as Lenn?
    Jason Isaacs as Charles?

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    Cider wrote:
    Kevin Smith as Lenn?

    Guess I already have Lenns autograph then. =)

    Now I know who to suck up to so I get the part as Silent Bob's long lost  cousin: Very Silent Rob.

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