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Bluetooth, PocketPCs, and Terminal Services

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    Just a quick question:

    My laptop runs Terminal Services (well... Remote Desktop) and I'm thinking of getting a Bluetooth-capable PDA (running Windows Mobile 5, naturally), the question is: Can I use the Terminal Services client on the PDA to access the Terminal Server on the laptop via the Bluetooth connection?

    Secondly, are there any good graphical calculator applications for Windows Mobile PDAs?

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    Don't know about the first one, but the SpaceTime calculator at is my favorite PPC app.

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    Sorry for digging this topic up again, but I need to know if I can access TermServ running on a laptop via Bluetooth from a PocketPC with a TermServ client.

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    I think you can (I'll try and remember to try it out tonight), however it will suck badly. Bluetooth isn't very fast and Terminal Services on a PDA is pretty awful anyway...

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