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Scoble leaves Microsoft - For reals?

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    "ndy Plesser from Plesser Holland and the videoblog just called and told me Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft and will join"

    "Yeah, it's 100% true.  Scoble is heading to  This is front page news if I've ever heard of it - and half the blogosphere won't find out until Monday, most likely.  Congratulations, Robert."

    "It looks like recently funded has hired Microsoft’s Robert Scoble, who writes one of the most popular blogs, and he’ll be moving from Washington to Silicon Valley."

    "Robert Scoble, one of the more well known bloggers and Microsoft’s public face in the blogosphere is reportedly leaving the company and joining, a podcast start-up, according to Silicon Valley Watcher."

    Just a few of the respectable sources....

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    If you don't follow your passion, you are a failure.

    Robert Scoble is a winner, any way you look at him.

    Kudos. RS


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    Good luck out there scoble.
    May the pod be with you Smiley

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    Good for you Scoble!

    Good luck with your new job..Smiley

    i'll miss the scoble vid's.

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    LaBomba wrote:

    i'll miss the scoble vid's.

    Ye, i will miss scoble's laugh.
    But hopefully he will do some video podcasting.

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    *sniff* Missing Robert's videos already...

    I guess it is best for him to move on. I don't know if the death of his mother helped him to think about his life and what he wants.

    One thing that I always noticed, when he was down in Silicon Valley (in each video here), was that he liked the nice weather there and that he disliked the weather in Seattle.

    Now you get the good weather, Robert. Enjoy it.

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    I smell a C9Park in the works.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I'm sure it's true. I've never understood, given his high profile, why he stuck at Microsoft so long. I know there are some here to whom Microsoft are the Mecca of employers, but I find such attitudes incredibly naive.

    I know folks in Microsoft who love working for the company and for whom it's changed their lives. If they're young or they've been pretty much with one company where they're not appreciated and been kept on relatively low pay then Microsoft can be the best place in the world to work.

    On the other hand if you're NOT the sort of person who is happy to work every hour God sends, in certain positions be expected to travel continually living out of a suitcase, and wants some serious financial recompense inline with what you actually do for the company, Microsoft can be the worst company in the world for you.

    Robert's made many allusions to how poorly he's paid, given his profile in the world of I.T., over the last year and it's always surprised me that he's hung on and hung on at Microsoft.

    EDITED TO ADD: Of course financial recompense may not be the reason Robert's moving on. He's made some very pro-Microsoft points in his blog entry Correcting the Record about Microsoft

    It sounds to me like he's made the right choice, albeit one he should have made sooner. He's far too honest to be a Microsoft spokesman all the time and that was very refreshing. I'm sure we'll see no change in this after he moves on. He'll still be praising Microsoft in most areas, and criticising them when he thinks they've got it wrong.

    So, if you're reading this Robert, good luck in the new job, and don't change. You've done a great job in building different communities all over the world, and hopefully will continue to do so in your new role.

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    Well done Robert, for all your posts about not leaving Microsoft I knew this would eventually happen Smiley

    Good luck to you and Maryam in the future ...

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    Congratulations Robert,

    Thanks for honesty and cander that your blogging has given us 'outsiders' into the world of Microsoft and of your own persona.

    Chase your goals and dreams...

    Best of wishes Robert, and also to the rest of your family.

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    Tom Servo


    I mean, it's nice if you can follow your passion professionally, but this goddamn fad will die out some time. It's still just a giant circlejerk, they're just being really loud. With Microsoft, especially with Scoble's position, you'd have a safer job.

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    well MS - that was one heck of a waste of money.

    Hire the biggest mouth on the net - and then let him leave?

    For all the contracts and agreements you are foisting on your customers - perhaps you should have written a better one to retain an INVESTMENT you made in human CAPITAL

    On a possitive note - Pod Tech?  haha bah whatever.  Have fun scoble [n] Perplexed

    * guess Vista DID make you more productive...

    *cyber can you rename thread: scoble leaves ms - so we dont get dupe threads?

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    nanite wrote:
    I'm pretty sure that working at Microsoft has turned him into a total bästard.  He'd probably be a nice guy outside of a näzi moderator setting.

    I'd ban you for such comments, especially the last one.

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    nanite wrote:

    Now you can enjoy the steady decent of Microsoft back into the dark ages.  Have you noticed that they really don't care about all the stuff that Scoble started?  Do you really think that people here are going to interview Bill Gates again?

    Channel9 is only getting attention because they want to upgrade its engine to that of their other, newer properties.  The site admins are nowhere to be seen and don't give two sh1ts about what happens here.  When they are around, they are rude and threaten to ban anyone they don't like.  I wonder how long before the other forum properties go down in flames like C9 has.

    i dont agree with above - they will keep doing al the above stuff and it will work

    but they just lost a big part of what was cool about it - a regular joe face / rock star

    who is ms's face now?  steve?

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    jamie wrote:
    the more this sinks in the more mad i get (not at scoble)
    but at BALMER

    SB you are a F-head a-hole moron
    when you are removed i will cheer

    the only creative thing you ever did was start the "human face" campaign

    and now torpedoed it by allowing its figurehead to jump ship

    (others - sorry for the swearing)

    And how do you convince someone like Scoble to stay? Double his salary? You'd probably get a passionless Scobleizer blog with lots of Microsoft friendly posts.
    I think it's the right decision to let him go. His MS related blog posts will have even more credibility, and someone will fill in the gap he leaves at the company.
    I only hope that it doesn't affect C9 in a negative way.

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    then you plan for it - get someone else out there in conjunction so when one leaves its not such a shock

    it just seems so clueless by the BOD to start this then just seemingly let it go.. robert who?

    so who's left?  mini.  thats the closest "personality" of scale to what they just lost

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    Yeah people, we will just have to get over it.
    Channel 9 without scoble is DEAD, just see how things here are going down the drain since he was not active here anymore.

    For me Scoble was the guy that kept things flowing, his intervies were nice, with his geek sense of humor, made people feel good in front of the camera and in the prime time of C9 we was very active, always posting in the videos threads awnsering questions and checking the forum.

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