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    Manip wrote:
    jeffsand wrote: So what do you want us to ask Robert?  Start the questions here...

    If he believes that Blogs are social networks, and if they are then do they follow known patterns like Dunbar's number, and the Small world phenomenon.

    Or adversily if they are a form of meta-system in which opinion, social contact and news come together to form a new medium of contact and information sharing.

    Further more what drives the blogger? Is it a sense of ego gratification in which they receive an ego boost from third party attention, and feel special / important, which has a positive effect on their self-esteem. Or perhaps a way to eliminate frustration from day to day life (e.g. an outlet) or maybe they believe that blogging is a pathway into a career into journalism or another field?

    It's the extra sex we get. Women are attracted to bloggers.

    Don't believe it? Check this out: