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Scoble: The Exit Interview

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    Charles wrote:
    JKelley wrote: Can the interview wait until I start, and can I watch?

    Did you get hired? Congrats! What team? When do you start?

    That's right you were on vacation when it happened.  I'll be joining the Power Toys for Visual Studio team on June 26th as a PM.  Smiley The day is fast approaching!  I cannot believe how well the Microsoft relocation machine works.

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    Charles wrote:
    manickernel wrote: Ok, best wishes Scoble...

    Now to the important news, who is going to replace him? Huh?

    Any ideas?

    We will not be replacing Scoble. We will rely on more content being created by yours truly and, more interestingly, by members of product teams around the company. We are working on a new content publishing mechanism for Channel 9 this year that will increase both the quantity and quality of our videos and other multimedia.



    we need a famous figurehead.  NOT more videos and "safe" employee blogs devoid of emotion

    *id take "hire duran duran for Media player skin" post over ANYTHING on the ie (lawyer) blog

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    I wonder what will happen during the filming of this Vid?

    Scoble will be looking at Chazz but Chazz might say this is my vid scoble! My RULES!! Look at the camera and not me!Smiley

    I think the entire Niner team should be a part of the interview, maybe get some different people around Microsoft to go on camera and say something about scoble.

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    How about calling Maryam also?

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