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vista observations

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    Since I've installed the beta of Vista I've noticed a lot of ways it could be improved, some things are more like bugs that need to be worked out, but others need to be brought to attention---I'm sure other people have noticed other things, so I guess you can add to this thread--

    --you should be able to drag a file to a folder name thats present in the breadcrumb bar. instead of copying, changing the folder, and pasting (or using the navigation pane if its open) i want to be able to easily drag to folders using the breadcrumb navigation. this would include both the names displayed on the bar (the parent folders) and those that are on the dropdowns. so for instance, if i drag a file over the arrow on the breadcrumb bar, it should drop down, letting me drop it on a folder in the list.

    (by the way, i don't understand why jamie or others are so concerned with the loss of the parent folder button. you just click on the name of the parent folder in the breadcrumb bar, its just as easy, if not more self-evident)

    --windows explorer needs to remember the width that the user gave to the different layout panes. i find myself having to to resize the navigation pane's width and the different sizes i set to the favorites and tree sections every time i restart explorer.

    --the reading pane is not part of the folder view options but the general windows explorer layout options, so it doesn't have a setting per folder. i sort of would like it if i could have it appear for folders i've set it to open for in the past; so certain folders that are image or document libraries would have a reading pane and it would automatically disappear for other folders. i'm thinking the reading pane should be collapsable, in order to be nicer to use, like the folder tree is collapsable within the navigation pane.

    --the tray icon for the sidebar, if its there, really needs to change from a picture of a desktop with a sidebar (which is a mirror copy of what you see on the screen) to some other type of representation. it would also be nice that clicking on the tray icon opened and closed the sidebar, instead of bringing up a menu and requiring you to double click--and if the sidebar isn't on top, then instead of closing the sidebar, clicking on the tray icon would merely bring the sidebar to the top. this would allow quicker and easier access to the sidebar when you're using other programs, and if you don't want it to take up space by having it set to be always on top.

    --one thing i didn't like about the sidebar even in the first incarnation, when it was different, was that it simply looked awkward and ugly as another bar sitting on top of the tasbar. the fade to black style however is very nice and elegant. thie old sidebar had an auto-hide feature, as i understand, and some people didn't like it because the area where the cursor would lead the sidebar to show up was next to scroll bars. the solution i mentioned regarding changing how the tray icon works would do something like auto-hide but it still isn't that good of a way to do it. i wouldn't mind if you could set there to be a narrow band on the right hand side, where if you clicked it, it would expand the sidebar (overlaying it on top of the other windows instead of taking up space).

    --the Notes gadget is probably one of the most potentially useful gadgets they've included. its severely limited, however, by the fact that even though you can drag text to it, you cant drag text out of it. it would also be much more useful if the sidebar were more accessible (in ways I've suggested--of course if there were some bar to expand the sidebar, it would make sense to have it automatically open when something is dragged over it, as otherwise you couldn't drag text to the sidebar gadgets--unless there were some kind of other control: for example, if you have one explorer window behind another, and click on a file in the background one to drag to the foreground one, it won't change focus, it requires you to do a complete click to change focus--the same thing would be fine with the sidebar).

    the ideal Notes gadget would work like a OneNote SideNote, though Smiley

    --opening a music file while WMP is opened but minimized shouldn't force WMP to come out of a minimized state. i know you can drag the file to the taskbar minimization and it wont force WMP to restore to a window, but it doesnt make sense that you should have to take that step.

    i'm impressed with a lot of the style of the interface that's in Vista, however, like others have mentioned, they've ignored a lot of details in basic intuitive usability that were in changes in other versions of Windows. some of these have to do with customization, like having control over toolbars and menus, some with integration (like the nice way explorer and IE windows were similar). but for instance, just the fact that you can't drag to the breadcrumb bar shows a lack of attention to the idea of a logical UI. in earlier versions every detail in this regard was paid attention to; dragging to taskbar buttons, selecting multiple taskbar buttons, right clicking on start menu items as if they were in explorer, the functionality in dragging files which i mentioned earlier, etc. it seems they are building everything up completely from a visual designer's perspective while ignoring one of the most important aspects of design--and something that separates rich clients from web clients---is the consistent logic between UI elements. this is true for the new office beta also. even though i love the ribbon very much, the command bar was an interesting idea on its own (and think it might be nice if the command bar were collapsable into toolbars and menus).

    there are a lot of nice things about Vista, the nicest is how clean the visual style feels, it makes things more pleasant to work in. other things about the interface and about features are a little messy.

    i'm wondering why vista isn't getting thumbnails for me for my mpeg files or my html or mhtml files, though; and while 'show file icon on thumbnails' apparently doesn't apply to image thumbnails.

    i was having the hardest time figuring out how to change the wireless key you are using to access a wireless network, and still can't figure it out.

    and i still don't understand why a clipboard viewer has been removed. is the default way to figure out whats in your clipboard to paste it (a clipbook Sidebar gadget maybe, please?).... btw, why did they remove the ability to drag from a document to explorer to create a 'scrap' file on your computer? i realize probably not many people used this feature, but im not sure why it was disabled. a security hazard?

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    brian.shapiro wrote:

    (by the way, i don't understand why jamie or others are so concerned with the loss of the parent folder button. you just click on the name of the parent folder in the breadcrumb bar, its just as easy, if not more self-evident)

    Well there used to be a universal UP which represented your place in a folder hiarchy - going down or up.  one button.

    Now there is a line of text - usually trunicated text - that goes across the screen - cluttering the UI that you need to read to use.  It also goes left to right ( i like list and up because it goes up and down )

    so i prefer this UI:

    <  UP  >

    than this UI:

    <  >    Driv...l Docume....l My docu...l  Christm...l  200...

    * yes id rather no the "feel" of where i am - clicking up - than reading where i am - even if it saves me a click - the reading wastes the time ive saved by just going - click,click,click there - any situation

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    brian.shapiro wrote:

    i was having the hardest time figuring out how to change the wireless key you are using to access a wireless network, and still can't figure it out.

    To change the wireless security key:

    go to control panel and search for reorder wireless network.  Right click on the connection you want to change and choose the security tab to change the key.

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    Speaking of MHTML files and Vista RC1... is it just me or is the new Windows Vista no longer capable of reading MHTML files.

    On a side note, I was able to right-click on the MHTML file and choose "open with" Word.


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    The search is wonky when you search by size you would think the size column would show up but it does not.

    then if you sort by size it does no it seems to sort by location then size

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