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    Google now has alerts on blogs and news sites I guess it is still in beta...

    What Do you think Google will do next ???

    How far will they push MS??? There is talk of a google OS ???

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    DEEETER wrote:
    There is talk of a google OS ???

    Yea, i heard that rumor too.  A web based search engine is a far cry from a desktop os.

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    Jeremy W

    The talk of a Google OS isn't from Google. And it's not really even an "OS". It's a web-based suite of applications.

    But, really, Google's stretching to get Email right. It'll be a while before they can position themselves as an "anything but search" company.

    It might happen, but it won't be a quick transition.

    When Microsoft was becoming the foundational company they had a good base to work off of: the OS.

    But to go from search to the main OS people use and providing applications for it is a stretch. Again, not impossible, but not really anything likely to happen in the next 5 years or so.

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    It's not just Microsoft vs Google, it's everybody...

    “In addition to Microsoft and Yahoo, we face competition from other web search providers, including company ies that are not yet known to us”.

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    So It really comes back to the old is it time for or is the a market ready  for a thin client???

    I know I wouoldn't want one. But there could be a google or msn thin client market out there..???

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