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View Thread: Blimey! Scoble's on Newsnight!
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    Well, OK, well done.  And yet you still leave?  Ungrateful swine!

    The whole Bill Gates bit on Newsnight was actually quite poor, but you held your end up well.  Very poor puff piece report, which started off with the typical bold statements like "Bill Gates changed the world" before dropping into a very shallow report on Linux and the like.  Appalling sources too - the best Linux guy they could come up with was a Systems Admin for a building firm who came out with ridiculous statements like "They say geeks are 10 years ahead of normal people, and I started to install Linux 7 years ago, so Microsoft is going to take some damage soon.  Firstly, I've never heard anyone ever say that about geeks being 10 years ahead of everyone else, and for him to suggest that no one was using Linux before 1999 was laughable.  Then they even had bits on his charity work which didn't make sense such as a representative from Oxfam saying "ooh, we have to make sure donations come with no external influences, but I'm not suggesting the Gates Foundation has any".  If she's not suggesting it, why even put it in the report.  Horrible puff piece of journalism considering this is the most intellectual news program in the UK.

    I felt you held your end up but couldn't place where the other guy was coming from - didn't seem pro- or anti-Microsoft and the debate really fizzled out completely.  Unfortunately, for those who don't know who you are (99% of the viewers), you came across as a bit of the Gates cheerleader.