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    irascian wrote:
    I totally disagree with your thinking that Bill and Scoble moving on is something to get depressed about. I'm sad they're both going, but Microsoft is so much more than one person.

    I'm with irascian here. Like many or most here, I grew up with the image of Bill Gates as the ultimate nadir of geekdom - he IS Microsoft. He IS technology. He was the company and the company was him, and through that half of the personal computing world.

    But I grew up. And I worked a lot with Microsoft - both with their products and with their employees. And I read the blogs and I watched the C9 movies and I got to understanding that regardless of Bill Gates' work to start Microsoft and get it to where it is today, he is no longer the prime force that determines whether Microsoft will fall or fly.

    Microsoft is an organization numbering about 60,000 people. No one man can make such a huge difference on that big a body. As Chief Software Architect and even before that, in the '95 timeframe, he may have made high-level decisions that affected the company's direction, but facing in the right direction isn't enough to succeed.

    I don't feel any personal connection to Bill Gates. I don't feel any sort of grief for his leaving. Even less so for Scoble - Scoble was a big name in the tech world even before he started blogging for Microsoft, and continued to be Scoble throughout, much more than he was Microsoft. I feel that he will still be Scoble, and even more so, now that he can focus on his... Scoblehood. Scobleocity. Scobleness. Take the brand name that is Robert Scoble (#1 and #5 on Google search for "Robert", and that's with the domain change splitting his incoming links) and put it to good use - not for Microsoft, but for Scoble.

    Microsoft will survive. I don't know Ray Ozzie or Craig Mundie, but Ozzie has been getting a lot of positive press. I've just downloaded Office 2007 Groove client/server, so I'll see soon what Ozzie's worth. Smiley