i posted a bunch of emotional drivel last night and i wanted to appolgize.

It has been a very hard week - first with scoble leaving now gates is going.
i over-reacted (as i always do - the sky is falling!..etc)

anyway.  2 hard shots in one week... I know many of you are resiliant to this type of stuff - but i like ms cause of gates and cause of scoble - the tech is almost secondary.

obviously i have to figure out why the heck im posting here - with my 2 main reasons now basically gone. but regardless of the company - there are just too many people i like and know here - so.. im stuck Wink

im hoping to get my enthusiasm back - right now it might as well be Coke Coffeehouse or McCoffeehouse. 

Im here for the people ive met and know here - in the meantime - i will try hard to pick up on why i should care about this "new" ms

ill even try to be possitive from time to time ...more often.

Once again - sorry.  over and out.