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    irascian wrote:

    I totally disagree with your thinking that Bill and Scoble moving on is something to get depressed about. I'm sad they're both going, but Microsoft is so much more than one person.

    I'm happy they're both going....let me explain...

    Scoble moving longer is he "Microsofts" but now he can "own" what he does...he's pretty much "rulled" Blogging, how about podcasting, videocasting, etc....time to crack open some other markets.

    Bill Gates...jesus where to begin...$50 Billion and he's going to focus his life on making the world a better place outside of Microsoft?

    Bill: Ray, Steve,'s $2 Billion dollars each....find the cure for cancer.

    HOLY HELL that would be awesome but you get the point...just because he's leaving Microsoft doesn't mean he's leaving technology all total.