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XP SP2 and Asp.Net

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    Yesterday, I took the plunge and upgraded my dev machine to SP2. Previously, I shared some internal aspx pages with members of our company and now of course after the upgrade I no longer can. Can anyone point me to some documentation on what I need to do to get others on our network to hook back up to my computer so they can view these pages again?






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    Control Panel/Security Center/Manage Security settings for: Windows Firewall/Exceptions: tic File and Printer Sharing

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    I have that exception checked, but I still get an error:

    HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed Internet Information Services

    If I select "Integrated Windows Authentication" in "Directory Security" for this website I can see the site on my dev machine. However, other users on my network cannot. It asked for a username and password. If I deselect "Integrated Windows Authentication" it is a no-go for members on the network. I get the above error.

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    Nevermind thanks for your help. Sometimes I need to here myself talk in order to resolve a problem. In directory security the user was no longer valid, because I removed him shortly after the upgrade. I put in a valid user and *BAM* everyone is online again.

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    Sven Groot

    Check the NTFS permissions on the directory your site is in, make sure the "Internet Guest Account" (IUSR_<computername>) has at least Read rights.

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