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View Thread: 2011 The Year of the Linux Desktop
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    Look.  If all you use your computer for is web browsing and e-mail then some absolutely free-of-charge Linux distribution with a reasonble point-and-click user interface is a feasible alternative to Windows.  The problem, as it was during 1970s for mainframes, is that 3rd-party commercial software applications are practically non-existant except on the dominant platform:  IBM 360/IBM 370 back then, Windows today.  Adherents and partisans to the contrary notwithstanding, Unix is no great shakes except as a research platform.  With every device shoehorned into being some variation on a TTY, and for other reasons, Unix and its variations have no place as a commodity distribution for the masses.  In contrast, Apple designed their operating software for masses to be far more intuitive, obvious, and easy to use than Microsoft ever succeeded at doing with Windows.  Microsoft wants Windows to be all things to all people and fails, sometimes spectacularly, to please.