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View Thread: 2011 The Year of the Linux Desktop
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    Having watched the video, my thoughts?

    I'm a bit surprised to see the "watch" style wait cursor here. This definately bring back my memories of old XWindow systems. The layout is so... errr... playful so I thought they would have chosen something else. That said, the outlook is still impressive. It's really not necessary to make a Linux distro look like Windows.

    The partitioning steps look neat. But I'd rather have something like what be had with Redhat 6.x, There should be some hint text showing what is the recommanded/minimum size for each mount point. For example, I would have just put 120MB for /boot partition if no hint is shown that I'd need more space. (Remember, any extra unnecessary space be put into /boot partition is literally permanently lost. You'll want it to be a little bit more than "just enough". Usually I'll just rounded the double space occupied on a fresh install)