Welcome to Channel 9.  Welcome to being CSA!

Our last CSA... as great as he was -  didnt post very much.  Let's hope you do better. Wink

Couple of small things the old CSA left behind:

1.  Please fix this.  ( you know... that it once worked perfect - till MSN marketers got their hands on it - so every URL you type wrong you now have to copy and paste - where as for about a month or two before it actually asked you what you meant - and put what you typed in a new search input box?  Thanks Smiley  and....

2.  Where is Channel 9?  You know how recently a few people left that used to promote C9 - well they are gone - so let's find out How to Find Channel 9:
first - go to msdn.microsoft.com


....and then  /  or then ( if you missed it)  Click " Community" link

..and you can "talk" to channel 9?

well the doctor is in - and ummm it's you  Smiley

Please fix all this and i look forward to the universal clipboard


"...So if you could just go ahead and do that... hmmm ya..ok..."