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    blatzcoder wrote:
    Tensor wrote: 
    blatzcoder wrote: 
    Tensor wrote: 

    Lucky you are here to save us.


    Why was it you were here again?

    That was my point. Why exactly are you here? It's not like Microsoft gives a rip about you. When you bring up difficult topics like whether this is a PR site or not, the people who run this site dodge the questions or run and hide.

    So much for conversations.

    Why the heck would anybody want to talk to their friends on a PR site all day long?

    Odd - that wasnt my point.

    If spending all your time here is pointless, isnt spending all your time here telling people not to spend all there time here the kind of monsterous meta-pointlessness that destroys minds?


    I'm just trying to figure out why you'd want to talk on a site that was founded on what amounts to be a lie. Most people don't do that.

    True. Less people sped time on those sites telling people not to be on those sites though.