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  • n_bailien_bailie


  • n_bailien_bailie


  • FoxFox

    "Never change a running system." Wink

    Why upgrade any Windows version if your current one is still running smoothly and without any problems? I'm still working on W2K and I'm not planning to change that any time soon. XP has some nice features, but there is nothing that I couldn't live without.

    For companies it's just the same. Especially when you have 3rd party software that is not (yet) optimized for XP it's a risk to change the OS if you don't need to.

    And last but not least: updates don't come for free.

  • eagleeagle

    Just as I am seeing DOS with third party software running Doctor's offices in 2004, we will surely see Windows 2000 running third party apps in 2020!

    The Pentium III machines I build in 2000 will be there in 2020!

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