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Ok Q of the Day - How Many lines of code are there in the different Versions of Office?

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    Ok Q of the Day - How Many lines of code are there in the different Versions of Office? (say 97-2007)

    At one time MS used to quietly let it slip out, just how many lines of code were in the early versions of office.

    Yes, I know it's not a true benchmark etc BUT if everyone's user's are like mine,  they think that IT is easy.....oh and SIMPLE!!!Perplexed

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    Through 97-2007 Combined? idk i know that theres like 40 million in Windows XP

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    It's just a pity that MS do not publish this information more openly (maybe they do but it's not very visible).

    I've users who believe that IT development is soooo easy and cannot understand why everything takes sooo long to complete. This is despite the fact they cannot use even the simplest Excel spreadsheet!!Expressionless

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    How about those times when they want a 'small modification' to a database driven system (i.e. and extra column in a database, or the form to work a bit differently)? It can take a bit of time to do that, unless the system developed is really simple (no dependencies on other tables or libraries / very few columns).

    You often end up having to edit stored procedures and recompile code (and check code if a columns datatype has changed) - although code generation can cut down the time taken by quite a bit.

    I've also been doing PDF's (with iTextSharp) and it can take a long time to do modifications, especially if a certain layout or structure (page breaks after sections, cover sheets, tables etc) has to be maintained. Printer friendly pages are difficult as well (compared to just doing them in HTML).

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