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View Thread: Ok Q of the Day - How Many lines of code are there in the different Versions of Office?
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    How about those times when they want a 'small modification' to a database driven system (i.e. and extra column in a database, or the form to work a bit differently)? It can take a bit of time to do that, unless the system developed is really simple (no dependencies on other tables or libraries / very few columns).

    You often end up having to edit stored procedures and recompile code (and check code if a columns datatype has changed) - although code generation can cut down the time taken by quite a bit.

    I've also been doing PDF's (with iTextSharp) and it can take a long time to do modifications, especially if a certain layout or structure (page breaks after sections, cover sheets, tables etc) has to be maintained. Printer friendly pages are difficult as well (compared to just doing them in HTML).