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Junk food is good for you

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    Personally, I am going out right now and ordering a big, greasy double cheeseburger.  With extra onions.

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    How about an extra large drink and super-size fries with that?  Who needs their liver anyway?  Oh, and someone should define "value" menu in, do you value your vital organs functioning for extended periods?

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    Actually, the liver is a very resilient organ -- you can lose over half of it, and it will regenerate in a matter of weeks... and you have two of most of everything else... well, except for that heart thing, which was Clinton's problem, but they're doing wonderful things with bypass surgery these days...

    Ok, ok, I see your point. Smiley

    Still, you have to wonder about the timing of things -- Clinton having lived off cheeseburgers 'n Krispy Kreme donuts for his whole life, suddenly gets a "change of heart" (no pun intended) earlier this year, starts dieting and exercising...

    Maybe the problem was that he should have eased into it more?  You know, just cut back on the donuts this year, then give them up next year, then cut back on cheeseburgers the year after that...

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