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View Thread: How many people on here are pro developers?
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    No I'm not balmer Smiley

    I guess I am starting to be an "old timer" (which is scarry to think of)

    I started with 8 bit stuff like the Commodore VIC and 64 and 128
    done Amiaga, PC's with DOS, Sun boxes, Linux, WIndows

    ASM (6502,x86,z80)
    dbase II -- III+
    and some other stuff....

    COBOL and PASCAL were for school classes.

    today most of my time is C# and SQL server related stuff.

    my boss wants C# -- if it was my call id be using VB.NET
    ( this could change as time goes by )

    I like a lot of the C type languages, I did a *LOT* of C for DOS apps

    but there are some things I like about VB.NET that are not in C#
    and some C# things I like that I am not sure if VB.NET has
    so it's almost a toss up.

    anyone here recall:

    Microsoft Windows 2/286 ?
    Microsoft QuickC 1.0 (DOS) ?
    DR-DOS 7 ?
    MS-DOS 4.0  -- bad version -- was updated very soon to 4.01

    to name a few ....