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View Thread: Vista: Why can't I share a custom folder with everyone?
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    Man man man. This is costing my nerves. Today is not my day.
    1) this activation stuff does not work. (I still need a solution for it) and
    2) I can't share any custom folder with any other user.

    Why is that so? I mean I can share public folders with anybody, but not any other folder. In Windows XP a login prompt was shown to the other guy. That is where s/he could enter a username and password. With Vista this seems to be gone...

    My brother was able to see my computer and my shares, but he was not able to open one of the shares (other then the public once).

    Does somebody know how to give me that login prompt back?? That would be great help. Thanks.

    Edit: We are not in the same active directory. Everybody just has its own user and that's it.