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What is the link for XP SP2 manual download?

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    Just a quick question. I have a friend's laptop, it has Windows XP home on it, but no Service pack! I don't want to connect it to the Internet, because of hackers, so I am going to download it on my computer burn it to CD then put it on the other computer. So what I am asking is where is the place I manually download it. The computer I'm downloading it with already has SP2

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    Microsoft has made the service pack available for manual download, but only in a network install package. However, this should work fine on any computer—I recently used the network install package to upgrade my own rebuild.">

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    Or just order the SP2 CD. See this website for more details: Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD

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    Try the following procedure:

    1) Using a web browser, go to  This is a SEARCH ENGINE.

    2) type "windows xp sp2"

    3) click the "I'm feeling lucky" button

    4) click the "Download and deploy Service Pack 2 to Multiple Computers" link

    If you have trouble with this procedure, your "friend" really needs to get someone else to install SP2 on his laptop.

    Just as a suggestion, if your friend already has XP, you can turn on the Internet Connection Firewall.  If all you do is go to Windows Update with the firewall turned on (i.e. you don't surf anywhere else, you don't have holes in the firewall for epmap, IIS, etc.), it should be pretty safe to connect to the Internet for time it will take to download and install SP2.  (Assuming your friend's computer isn't already backdoored or otherwise infected.)

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    Jubo wrote:
    Or just order the SP2 CD. See this website for more details: Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD

     If you order Windows XP Sp2 now, it should arrive in a few days, not 4-6 weeks.. Smiley I got mine 3 days after ordering.

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    Steve411 wrote:

     I got mine 3 days after ordering.

    I got mine the same day Big Smile

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    I have ordered the CD, but you guys got it because your in North America/Canada Capital, I am in Australia, we always get stuff like last. eg. Cher is on her world tour and she is coming to Australia last. We are also just getting 'The Village'. In cinemas now.
    But, we had 'Ned Kelly' on DVD 6 months before you Americans got it in the cinemas.


    Sorry but thats probably going to be the last time I get to say that...
    Ok, getting back on track... I had the Security Update CD - Febuary '04 so I just installed SP1 on the machiene and I got him to buy NIS '04 as well. So now I'm just updating his machiene non-stop.

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